Chubby Cheeks… As a nursery poem, we’ve all loved it and grown up listening to it. Indeed, it was perhaps one of the first things we learnt and now teach our kids. On the face of it, it sounds just oh so cute and adorable. Brings to mind the thoughts of cute, “fair” chubby kids who are loved by all and are every adult’s pets. Even authorities (teacher was a pretty scary figure in childhood) cannot resist them. But under the guise of this poem, what are we teaching kids? Are we teaching them beauty standards or are we making them body conscious since a young age? By teaching them about fairness are we embedding racism in them right from a very young age?

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Sometimes, activities seem totally harmless but in reality, carry strong repercussions. What we think is innocent completely moulds a child’s thoughts and his or her life. In this video by Dove in partnership with Blush, they take the background of the famous poem and the ongoing Olympic games and then, they tie it up with the issue of the way we treat women. Is it necessary, like that little girl in the poem, for women to have chubby cheeks and good cheek-bones? Is it necessary to have dimples she flaunts? Rosy lips and blue, blue eyes? Fair hair? Does she need to be an example of beauty and perfection? What if she does not want to be that? Will her worth go down in any way?

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The stand Dove takes is really impressive. Being a part of the beauty industry, most brands succumb to the concepts of “modern” beauty and give in to mass pressure. There are also trends created by these brands and they strive to make women conscious thereby selling their product. But for a brand do step aside and so something different, truly is commendable. The advertisement by Dove will reach out to every woman and hats off to them for taking up such an amazing concept and taking up the issue burning right now, twisting it around and presenting it in such a brilliant manner. #ChangeTheRhyme they say. And we agree!