Optical illusions are always fun and fascinating as they trick our brain into perceiving things differently than they actually are. And needless to say, the internet is obsessed with them, the recent one being the ‘optical illusion hand trick’ that is sweeping the internet and rightly so!

And the harbinger of the challenge, is a 19-year-old girl Tori Pareno, who has for obvious reasons, gone viral for her mind-boggling hand swap illusion.

“Here’s something trippy for your night,” wrote Tori Pareno while sharing the video on Twitter on Thursday which has gone viral. The video which is laced with peppy music, gives an illusion to the viewer that the hand palms are passing through one another.

Since being shared on November 21, the seven-second-long video has garnered over 8.5 million views and amassed close to 5.3 lakh likes and over 1.7 lakh retweets. Watch it here:

Seems the internet has got a new challenge as many people are trying to create a replica of the original video and posting their versions. While a few have successfully aced it, some are still struggling to figure it out. Those who are not able to figure it out are referring to the trick as ‘sorcery’ and ‘witchcraft.’

Well, to master the trick, you need to watch the video very carefully.



One of them performed using the Led gloves and aced it and how.

Think you can take up the challenge?