Puducherry: As the country celebrates the harvest festival of Pongal, Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi too got into the festive spirit and celebrated the occasion with her staff.

But what stood out amid the celebrations was an elderly woman merrily grooving to a festive song, the video of which was tweeted by Bedi, and has gone viral.

The video shared shows the woman, who is a member of the Swachatha Corporation, clad in saree and wearing pink shirt, dancing with energy, while other women cheer her on. Here is the video, which will definitely bring a simile on your face:

The 27-second-long video, since shared has amassed over 23,000 views and got more than 2600 likes, with many retweets. Many people praised the woman and her dance moves, while appreciating her spirit and zest for life.

Here is how people reacted to the video:

Pongal, the first harvest festival of the year, is a sacred one for Tamilians all over the world and the best celebrations take place in the state of Tamil Nadu. Pongal is also called Thai Pongal as the festival marks the beginning of the Tamil month Thai and is considered to be an auspicious one and people celebrate it with much enthusiasm.

The festival is named after the ceremonial ‘Pongal’ which means to ‘boil, overflow’ and refers to the traditional dish cooked from the new harvest of rice.