Singe Sia who believes she has a dark under-tone to her voice is the reason her songs are becoming hits. Undoubtedly, Sia has got a powerful voice and after a long career into music, writing songs for other artist Sia soon began to record her own songs and since then there has been no turning back for the amazingly talented artist. One of her song is named ‘Cheap Thrills’ and it has caught fire on internet.

The song has a marvelous feel to it and ever since the song has hit the internet, singing covers and dance routines to the song has been pouring by the song lover. And Guess who decided to enjoy some cheap thrill this time! It is none other than the ‘Ankhiyon se goli mare’ couple Govinda and Raveena Tandon. However, not for real.

A facebook page which goes by the name of Socially Awkward describes themselves as adding bollywood-ish things to everyday life and have been posting a lot of humorous and spot-on videos. And Chi-Chi is a favourite of all times, so they decided to morph a video of him shaking a leg with Raveena on the Sia’s popular song Cheap Thrills. (ALSO READ: These three girls dancing in a car to tribute Madhuri Dixit will take you through a time scroll)

We would not like to exaggerate the obvious but the video is so much spot-on and a treat to every Govinda fan that we just wish if this can happen in real sometime while we all still in this universe.

Watch the video and see how this mesmerizing combination would make up lift your footsteps to the beat!

source: facebook