Ghaziabad, July 16: Railway tracks have become a deadly playground of teenagers performing death-defying stunts. A shocking video has surfaced in which seven teenagers are seen waiting for train at a railway track bridge in Uttar Pradesh. The boys jump into a river seconds before a speeding train charges at them. The shocking video of the deadly stunt is going viral on social media.

The incident took place in Ghaziabad district of Uttar Pradesh on thursday. Seven boys dodged death on railway track at the possible last moment performing stunt. Incident like these are now being reported on daily basis in the state. Local youth play on the railway track to boast about their fear of ‘daredevil’. Unfortunately, many feats go wrong causing tragedies and grievous accidents. (ALSO WATCH: Narendra Modi brushes off Arvind Kejriwal at Inter-State Council meet)

Recently, a man was killed by a speeding when he was trying to take selfie when the train was coming towards him with full speed. Watch the chilling video below: