The world might live in the 21st century but we Indians are known for keeping our age-old traditions alive, no matter even if it does not make not head or tail to anyone. From the common rules like women not allowed to go out at night to making career choices, it has always been difficult for women in this country and also to the women in the countries who follow similar rules.

Today, activist Trupti Desai was detained for entering Trimbakeshwar temple in Maharashtra. She was warned by temple authorities to not enter the temple sanctum and  that it is against their traditional rules. Meanwhile, local women protested as Desai entered Trimbakeshwar temple. Earlier also she was detained for trying to enter the temple. (Also Read: Activist Trupti Desai detained by police for offering prayers at Trimbakeshwar Temple)

Sabarimala temple in Kerala also does not allow women to enter its sanctum. However, girls before attaining puberty and women after menopause are allowed. According to the logic, women during their periods are impure and hence should not be let in. Haji Ali durgah also does not let women inside the worship place as they can be a distraction to the men.

The video talks about the stereotypical mindset and the patriarchal outlook people live with. In the country a simple act of praying also needs to be gender appropriate and are punished if not followed while heinous crimes likes rape, murder, corruption, female infanticide, domestic violence have become a daily chores of offence in the country.