How difficult would it be for you if you knew that your child would be born into danger? Won’t you be concerned about the delicate infant’s life? You will in fact go to any extent to ensure your new born child’s safety. This brand new video by UNICEF is about the same. It depicts what all a couple endures beforehand to make sure their child is not born into danger.

The couple is seen wading through many difficulties, which metaphorically depicts all the danger and conflicts that we are surrounded by. In the year 2015, more than 16 million babies were born in conflict zones. As per the reports 1 in 8 of all births worldwide this year, have been in conflict-affected areas.

Be it Afghanistan, Syria or Central African Republic, the mothers have to face immense journeys to escape risks and fighting. In this case both new-born children and their mothers are at risk. The condition for the new mothers is not very perfect either; they give birth without any medical help and in unsanitary conditions.

Poverty, climate change along with lack of opportunities make children more vulnerable. They are forced to lead a dangerous childhood when compared to the others. As a solution to this issue UNICEF has come up with this initiative called #FightUnfair. Watch the video below. (ALSO READ: Child Abuse in India: 5 shocking facts revealed by the UNICEF)