Dengue fever is fast spreading across the country and is claiming many lives. This viral infection is transmitting from one to another and is engulfing children as well. The reasons for growth of this virus are manifold, which includes change in climatic conditions as well.  Also Check- Dengue Fever: All you need to know about its symptoms and precautions.

The virus also spreads from stagnant water, stored in households such as in kitchen and washroom, and damp weather during and post monsoon. Not only this, open drains or any unhygienic place like a dumping yard increase the chance of such viral attack.

The following educational video is produced under the scientific direction of Bruno Guy, DVM and PhD in Human Biology, a scientist at Sanofi Pasteur and lead author of a dozen scientific publications in the field of dengue vaccine research. The video provides illustrations to help viewers understand the complexity of the immune response.