Ever wondered what would happen if Sridevi and Jitendra in Himmatwaala could dance to David Guetta’s ‘Shot Me Down’? The result will definitely be a comedy of errors!

In this hilarious spoof video, Posteries has tried to do something along the same lines. They have synchronised Sridevi and Jitendra’s memorable (and by memorable I mean totally forgettable) dance moves with David Guetta’s song ‘Shot Me down’. And the effect created is rib tickling! Read: Main Teri Dushman meets Get Low (Dillon Francis and DJ Snake): Watch video!

I guarantee you that after watching this video you will never be able to listen to ‘Shot Me Down’ without thinking about Sridevi in her bright pink and yellow saree costumes and the ample bellies of the female dancers gyrating around her!

P.S.: Take special note of the brightly coloured feather dusters in Jitendra’s hands in the starting of the video and how he uses them to titillate Sridevi!