Coca-cola ads have always created buzz among netizens. This time they have taken their ad game to next level. Coca-Cola’s marketing team has come up with a new ad highlighting the path-breaking move in Saudi Arabia of the right to drive for women. For the uninitiated, Saudi Arabia has recently granted the right to drive for women. And appreciating the move the beverage giant has come up with a heartfelt ad. And the advertisement nicely shows a Saudi daughters’ first driving lesson that she learns from her dad.

The clip features a Saudi father and his daughter setting out for a driving lesson, the former gives car keys to his daughter and sits comfortably in the passenger seat. The daughter, who is seemingly unconfident about her drive, tries hard and fails to take the car ahead but after few rounds of the trial, she finally succeeds. Taglined as ‘Change has Taste’ ad is already creating waves on social media and has garnered more than one lakh eighty thousand views.

Check the video here:

“Coca-Cola is continuing its legacy of celebrating positive social and cultural change in its advertising campaigns by releasing a topical and timely ad in the Middle East. The campaign touches on the brand’s values surrounding diversity and inclusion and aligns with Coca-Cola’s commitment to enable the economic empowerment of women.” Omar Bennis, public affairs director at Coca-Cola Middle East, told Huffington Post.The advertisement is getting mixed responses from netizens. Some are enraged over the same and some have applauded Coca-Cola’s effort to celebrate the new move.

Here are some Twitter reactions:

Selling products or celebrating the move?

The ad is worst for some

Kudos Coca-Cola

Symbolic Indeed!

Can this ad be compared to Jenner’s ad?

As per some media reports, Coca-Cola is planning to open a $100 million bottling plant in Saudi Arabia in 2019.Is the advertisement politically insensitive? Or The advertisement just nice way to showcase the welcoming change?What did you think about the advertisement? Tell us in the comments below.