The internet is a place of various bizarre things and people every time come up with weird challenges. Some are fun-filled challenges and some tend to give you a serious headache. Now, a new Internet challenge will make you wonder what exactly it is and end up giving you a headache. Remember those illusion images that took the internet by storm and people across the globe kept wondering what exactly it is. Well, something similar is happening with this new challenge.

A Twitter user posted a picture which has left people confused and uncomfortable at the same time. In the bizarre photo, you have to point out one thing that you can recognise in the picture. Sounds easy? Well, Check the picture and then decide.

Check it out here:

While the dress challenge had to simply do with colours and also it was based on a simple phenomenon that people see the same things very differently. But in this picture, you think you an AC duct, Gorilla, Oranges, Wall maybe? A few more glances at the picture will make you wonder what is it.

The distorted picture is now going viral and received over 33,000 retweets and more than 78,000 likes.

Twitterati reactions were hilarious as they kept guessing and assuming the things in the picture.

Check out Twitter reactions here:

Do let us know what do you think about this picture.