Crimes against women have always been on rising with little being done to stop it. While laws are made to stop harassment towards women, their implementation and justice take years. Rapes and sexual harassment have been increasing in our society with the victim being blamed while the accused roams around freely. Whenever there is a rape, the question that arises is if the girl was fully covered or if it was her bare skin that provoked the accused to touch her appropriately. Most women in our society constantly live in the fear of physical and mental torture by their partners.

Eve-teasing has become so common that it is considered as a daily occurrence by people. And movies add to such things by promoting cat-calling. Misogyny has become so common in movies that it is considered as a way of behaving. This advertisement portrays the struggle women undergo and how it affects their life. In the ad, a girl with long hair wants to cut her hair as short as possible. While the hair stylists tell her that her hair is really beautiful and why she wants its short. The woman insists on getting it shorter. It is only, in the end, she tells that she wants her hair short so that no one will be able to pull it anymore.

The ad reads, “Hair, the pride of a woman, let it never be the reason for her weakness.” According to the advertisement, every 80 out of 100 women face violence in some form or another in their lives. “If you ever face something similar, speak up. Precautions don’t help as much as a loud voice does,” reads their message. #DearDaddy: This video on sexual violence against women explains how rape culture is bred in our society

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While fortunately there has been an increase in women helpline numbers in the past, most women do not report such incidents. Watch the video and let us know in the comment section below your thoughts on it.