A woman from California just pulled off the most difficult part about setting up a Tinder account in the easiest manner and is now sweeping praises. What is the most difficult part about registering on Tinder? Well, finding a good date definitely is but putting up a catchy bio takes up the energy. People have been quite creative with Tinder bios trying to catch the attention of the world, but it is a 20-year-old who has is slaying at it. Lauren from San Diego in California grabbed headlines after her Tinder bio went viral. Lauren who lost her one arm in an accident ensured she used it to create a hilarious bio on the dating app.

Lauren lost her one arm after being flung off a motorcycle a year ago. As per reports recently she got drunk and changed her Tinder bio making it clear she had only one arm.  Her Tinder page has Lauren smiling in a pink dress but it is her job description that caught the internet’s attention. Her bio states that she is an ‘arms dealer’ and also mentioned that she is ‘hands down the best catch on Tinder. She rates her ‘arms 1/2’ and her ‘personality 20/20’ and “face 10/10”. Zomato Delays Order, Delhi Man Has A Hilariously Epic Conversation With The Customer Care Executive

Here is the screenshot of her Tinder bio:

lauren tinder bio

Here are some of her tweets:

Talking about the accident that took her arm, Huffington Post quoted her as saying, “I lost it in a moped accident going way too fast, I lost control and my wheel swung into the median. I flew off and hit a street sign that sliced my arm clean off. Thankfully, an off-duty police officer found her soon after her accident. The cop had just had tourniquet training and was able to help. I asked if I was going to die and he said I wouldn’t.” As per reports, Laurent felt “pretty offensive and angry” after her arm was surgically removed but she took to Twitter where she has over 43,000 followers. most people on the micro blogging site were supportive of her hilarious posts she faced negative reactions from some. (Edited by Nithya Nair)