Well, Baaghi 2 actor Tiger Shroff is a total heartthrob and we just love him. There is no doubt that he is extremely hot and makes our hearts skip a beat with his oh-so-hot physique. But if you thought that there was just one version of our Tiger, you are mistaken, girls! Looks like we are surrounded by more hotshots like him and we are very pleased to find one who looks exactly like him!

Meet David Saharia, a model turned actor from Assam, is currently breaking the Internet with his uncanny resemblance to actor Tiger Shroff. With 13.5k followers on Instagram, David looks exactly similar to the Bollywood star in a recent bunch of pictures posted by him on social media. Tiger’s fans were quick to notice the similarities between the features of the two as they flooded social media with pictures of David where he was looking like Tiger. From looks to the hairdo, from his body to his jawline, there’s just too much to overlook.

Here are a few pictures that we have shortlisted from David’s Instagram account, check them out:

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An aspiring actor, David is working in the local film industry and also participates in contests. “Currently I am working in Assamese film industry, so that I can make my own name and people would know exactly who I am,” he said in one of the interviews.