After banning the users of a group named Team 07 for sharing videos related to Jharkhand lynching incident on the platform, the short video sharing platform TikTok has also issued an official statement on the entire issue. In its statement, the team of TikTok has mentioned that they are against content on the platform that encourages violence or is potential of causing any form of disturbance in the community. Read the full statement here:

“TikTok has a zero tolerance policy towards content that has any negative impact on its users or the country it operates in. There are multiple categories of content violations that are clearly listed in our community guidelines. In line with this, we have till date removed millions of videos; most recently, we suspended three user accounts for posting videos that did not comply with our community guidelines.

We understand that as a user generated content platform, we need to be always be on the front foot to promote the right kind of in-app behaviour as well as moderate content that users are posting on the platform. TikTok has cutting-edge content moderation technology that screens videos as soon as they are posted, multi-layer moderation system to give more attention to videos as they become popular and human moderation which includes employees across 15 languages moderating content 24*7.

In addition to this, safety and security of our users is of paramount importance to us and we time and again promote safe and responsible use of our platform among the community. We believe our platform has the power to be a driver of change in our society and in line with this, we are actively promoting content that is positive and enriching for our users.” – TikTok India