TikTok is like an ocean, in the sense that it’s full of weird and silly people with bizarre content and challenges. It doesn’t take a minute to make a video viral and here people of every age group are taking part in more challenges and videos. The Chinese video-sharing app has become a gold mine for the most hilarious videos. The latest trend will surely leave you to go nuts. It’s actually strange and we request you not to try on yourself.

The latest wave of bizarre trend is all about superglue and lips. Yes, you read that right! In the Super Glue Lip Challenge, girls are using glue on the upper lip and pressing it with lips so that it sticks. The lips give a fuller look and then they apply lipstick. It’s actually weird. The elevated lips are becoming viral.

The new trend started with user @chloehammock4 when she posted a video of herself putting glue just above her cupid’s bow and then sticking her upper lip up in order for it to appear full, news portal Dazeddigital reported. Soon, after getting shared on Twitter, netizens left thousands of responses on the same thread.

Watch this hilarious video here:

“Omg I tried the eyelash glue thing to make your lips bigger and it worked,” wrote a user. “Being Black and having full lips is a blessing ???? literally everybody wants the looks they clowned us for,” wrote another user.

A Twitter user @Y2SHAF wrote: “Imagine you’re talking to someone and your lip falls down by accident.”

In 2015, the viral Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge saw teens sticking their lips into small containers and sucking the air out of it to create a vacuum, the report added.