The Chinese video-creating app TikTok is increasing in reach as people of every age group are taking part in more challenges and videos. A few months ago, the app was banned over concerns about easy access to pornographic content through it. But, after a few days, the ban was lifted only in one condition that the content will be safe for all age groups.

TikTok has launched an initiative #WaitASecToReflect to sensitize the masses of the responsibility they have towards being a part of a larger online community. #WaitASecToReflect has been developed with the aim to inspire users to pause for a second and reflect on their online conduct.

#WaitASecToReflect challenge is based on Gandhi ji’s three wise monkeys who decided to make a comeback in the form of three don’ts in the realm of social media. The in-app challenge with a contextual adaptation of a culturally relevant phrase-“Bura na post karo, Bura na share karo, Bura na comment karo” (Post no evil, share no evil, comment no evil) under the hashtag has already garnered over 326.1  million views.

We came across TikTok users finding creative ways to share this message with the world.

Take a look at the most creative TikTok videos on this trending challenge:


To promote the initiative, TikTok is asking users to take a pledge to wait for a second and reflect before they post any content online. The platform aims to reach out to users within this month-long campaign. The initiative is an ingenious step towards raising social awareness among the users on expressing themselves without inadvertently sharing content that does not benefit in creating a positive environment. The aim is to educate users even in the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities where the online probity is relatively low.