The Indian version of dating app Tinder has rolled out a new feature ‘My Move’ on its app that allows women to have more controls and protection as females are more at risk of being abused in India than anywhere else in the world. There will be limit conversations with male matches to those they choose to start. My Move gives an optional setting that gives women the choice to exclusively message first on Tinder.

If this feature gets successful, it will be rolled out worldwide. Tinder has the largest market in India if we compare it from other Asian countries. It is also the“chattiest” globally as it has the largest amount of people using the in-app messaging service.

There have previously been reports of female Tinder users being assaulted by their dates. A woman from the Hyderabad in July claimed her date had threatened, molested and attempted to rape her. The alleged assault took place three years ago in Indiranagar, in India’s south-west.

According to Reuters, ‘My Move’ feature allows women to choose in their settings that only they can start a conversation with a male match after both have approved each other with Tinder’s swiping function. Rival dating-app Bumble already only allows the female party to a heterosexual match to start conversations.

Taru Kapoor, a general manager for India’s branch of Match Group, which owns Tinder, told the media that the feature was being tried in a bid to get more women to use the app.