A man has been convicted of assaulting his tinder date when they were having consensual sex. Philip Queree, a junior doctor from the UK has been convicted of grabbing his Tinder date’s breast during their consensual hookup. The 37­-year-old has been accused of bruising the woman by using “excessive force” in bed. A court heard this issue after the girl who was having sex with him complained that the grabbing left her bruised and in tears. The young doctor’s name has been placed on a list of Sex Offenders Register for five years, because of this incident. Strangers Who Matched On Tinder Kept Their Hilarious Conversation For 3 Years, Tinder Sending Them To Maui In Hawaii For First Date!

The 37-year-old doc was having consensual sex with his Tinder date when he began to forcefully grab her boobs and the assault left the anonymous woman bruised and in pain. The court heard the victim’s side of the story where it was noted that Queree pulled her hair and grabbed her boobs despite being asked to stop. The judge in the case, Magistrate Bridget Shaw noted that the woman had withdrawn her consent for Queree to grab her bosoms. Shocking Truth About Tinder Revealed! Here’s Why Women Takes Selfies From Above And Men From Below Angle.

The woman has been kept unnamed in the case and was referred to as Miss X by the court. The court revealed that since Queree continued to grab her breast after knowing that she did not consent classified that act as an assault. The woman had difficulty in lifting her arms for some time after Queree’s sexual encounter with her back in August last year. Philip Queree was convicted by the court and sentenced to 180 hours’ community service and his name has been added to the list of sexual offenders. Girl on Tinder Date Gets Stuck in Window Trying to Grab Her Own Poop.

The verdict given by the court claimed that Queree was guilty of assaulting her and added his name to the Sex Offenders Register for five years as the magistrate was concerned that he poses a risk of sexual harm to others. The woman had first tried to talk to Queree about the assault when he was leaving and showed him her bruising, however, according to reports, the Queree left without discussing the issue after saying, “”I need to go now and think about what I have done to you.” This decision has left Queree jobless and he plans to appeal against the conviction.