No, don’t go by our headline! More than a guide to all the hot men on Tinder, this video serves as a warning for all kinds of creeps that inhabit the dating app. Girls, watch this video and be warned before you find your date on Tinder! However, this will eventually help you find the right man for yourself by quickly identifying and rejecting the ones you don’t want.

Tinder in India is a funny video made by stand-up comedian Anuvab Pal. He says about the film based on dating app Tinder, “From stories of single people talking about the difficulties of meeting single men in Indian cities. From accounts and stories of dates people went on and the men they met. We’ve made up some of it, but some of it are real men out there looking for your love. Keep calm and seek.” (ALSO SEE: Revealed Rahul Gandhi Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modis Tinder profiles)

Anuvab has hired some of his funnyman friends to star as the men in the film, and the pretty girl who is seeking a date is actress-designer Lekha Washington whose expressions are bang on. So, there’s a ‘Dad Man’, a ‘Chest Hair Man’, a man who loves to boast about his travel and have sex at the airport, a man boasting about himself, and finally, the ‘Good Man’.

But is he really good? For an answer to that, you need to watch the video Tinder in India. Have fun!