Are you having trouble sleeping lately? When stress takes a toll on you body, your whole sleep cycle goes for a toss. Do you know that you sleep schedule, lifestyle choice and bedtime habit can make a huge change in your sleeping pattern. Getting a good night of sleep is essentially the most important thing for your well being. It is one activity that we can turn yo every night to keep us from collapsing with exhaustion.

After a long day, adequate amount of sleep soothes your body and prepared you mind and body to face another day. The lack of sleep can reverse this process and make you lethargic, dull and cranky. You can never imagine how sleep benefits us more than any other activity. So if you are having trouble sleeping, this video will help you out with the same. (ALSO READ: Health hacks for busy people to get a flat tummy!)

Setting all your gadgets like phones, tablets, laptops aside before you hit the sack is a great idea to get a nice sleep. Don’t be too keen on caffeine because the effects of caffeine is said to last for 12 long hours. So avoid drinking coffee or black tea late in the evening. Also breathe deeply to relax your body. Simple breathing technique along with snug surrounding, with minimal or no lights can also help you with a goodnight sleep. So the one thing that you should look forward to is collapsing into your comfy cozy bed at the end of the day, to prepare yourself for another day.