Are you tired of your job? Want to start something of your own? Be a startup entrepreneur? This television commercial (TVC) by Indian watch brand Titan tells you that the time to do that is now! The new TVC, created for the Titan Celestial Time Collection, inspires you to create a new path for yourself and begin something new.

With this ad, Titan wants to drill it in your head that their Celestial Time Collection is “made for those who are destined to break the mould and chart new paths”. Trending with the hashtag #‎YourTimeToStartUp, the TVC features award-winning actor Rajkummar Rao as the startup entrepreneur. He plays the part as convincingly as his movie roles, as he tries to make his ageing ex-boss believe that he wants to hire him as chief executive officer (CEO) for his new company!

Watch the Titan ad and figure out if #YourTimeToStartup is now or not!