Sensational South Indian actress Sakshi Chaudhary‘s tweet, claiming that she was offered Rs 1 crore for a one night after she posted bold and stunning pictures and videos of herself on her social media handles, did not go down well with the Twitter users. Even though she kept the identity of the person hidden while stating that she is not an object for sale, Sakshi received a backlash on social media.

Her tweet read, “How can people ask me such things without any fear? No one should look down on me just because I act in movies. But they all are fool. I am not for sale. Bus dekh kar Kaam Chalao & “Magnet” dekhne first day first show jao (Just derive pleasure from watching my movies only and go and see Magnet first day first show)” (sic).

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Even though her fans supported her as she shared her distasteful experience and praised her for exposing such perverted practices, many called it a publicity stunt for her upcoming movie, Magnet.

Immediately after her handle started buzzing with trolls, Sakshi took down the tweet without citing any reason but thanked a media outlet for publishing the report about the social media bullying that she faced in lieu of it.