Bibliophilia or bibliophilism is the love of books. There are a gazillion books out there, waiting for you to cuddle them, smell the literature it beholds, pages to be flipped, but it seems that even an entire lifetime will be insufficient for it! Some stories will tangle you in a web of awful thoughts while some will give you a strange and indescribable pleasure.

Every book takes you into an unknown world. Although you may find yourself casting about it like a shipwreck survivor with no shore in sight and only miles and miles of water, initially; but you will sail through your way, eventually. ALSO READ: 5 pro tips for 20-something-year-olds who seek to debunk hard times, calmly!

Even if you are not a bibliophile (a person who takes immense pleasure in reading books), these 10 quotes from ‘World Bestseller Books’ will give you a ray of hope while you battle numerous tough situations in your life! ALSO READ: Top 7 instant stress busters to turn to when you are bogged down!

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