Fame follows controversy. Or is it the other way around? The latter is true for Yo Yo Honey Singh aka Hirdesh Singh, born on March 15, 1984. The rap singer, who has churned chartbusting hit after hit like Blue Eyes, Dope Shope, Angreji Beat and Lungi Dance, is the Himesh Reshammiya of recent times – a new flavour of the next few years.

But the singer was caught in a scandal of controversial lyrics and a rape song, which he says has been recorded by someone else and not him. Honey Singh’s songs continue to do well, not just in the Punjabi rap circuit, but also in Bollywood now. But are his songs really that good? We take a look at some of them and find out.

1. Blue Eyes: A rich guy driving a fast car spots a girl with blue eyes (although we saw only blue lenses in there, if at all). What’s more, she’s wearing a short dress. Ban gaya gaana! Add a little bit of Justin Timberlakish dancing. Bas ban gayi gal Honey Singhji ki! Blue Eyes is just one of those aspirational songs for teenage boys. Plus, of course, it’s catchy although not a great tune.

2. Angreji Beat (feat. Gippy Grewal): Angreji Beat seems about two village singers who get to sing in wedding function or something. Never mind the story, the angrezi beats of this song actually seem to be taken from Bebot – yes, the Black Eyed Peas song.

3. Lungi Dance – The Thalaiva Tribute: This number from Chennai Express is one of the chartbusters of 2013. The high energy song has Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone dancing to Honey Singh’s rather nice hooks. Lungi dance pays tribute to South superstar Rajinikanth (Thalaivaa).

4. Dope Shope (feat. Deep Money): This is one of the best songs of Honey Singh, but more credit is due to Deep Money we feel, as he does most of the melodious singing. But of course, the songwriter is Honey Singh. The video of the song is also well made.

5. Yaariyan Sunny Sunny: After the blue eyes, it’s the blue paani (water) that has caught Honey Singh’s attention. And the babes along the blue water and beach, of course. This song from the movie Yaariyan is actually explained thus on the its music label page: ‘…the song was shot in Cape Town, South Africa. The song video has good international appeal with so many bikini clad women and bare chested men around on a beautiful beaches of Cape of Good Hope’. Uff! Does the tune even matter then?

6. Party All Night: It is a typical club number, reminding us of Char baj gaye from the movie F.A.L.T.U. But Honeys Singh’s song Party all night actually added to the rather drum proceedings of Akshay Kumar’s film Boss. Not to mention it had suggestive lyrics, Honey Singh ishtyle.

7. Bebo (Alfaaz feat. Honey Singh): Forget the Black Eyed Peas, Honey Singh has composed music for his own Bebo, a Punjabi number primarily sung by Alfaaz and with rap by Honey. The song talks of stereotypes like a girl working in a BPO is fast and always ready to party. And how pink is the colour for pretty girls. It does not matter, as all one hears in the disco are the beats.

8. Breakup Party – Upar Upar In The Air (Leo feat. Yo Yo Honey Singh): The concept of breakup parties was just catching up in India when this song came along. Although not that catchy, it has pretty vindictive lyrics which a heartbroken guy might identify with.

9. Brown Rang: Sounds very racist but sexy. We dunno if it’s the ‘brown’ rang girls who liked the song, or the boys who love ‘brown’ dusky girls…. But the song seemed to be written keeping in mind Honey Singh’s expatriate fans in the UK and Canada.

10. Achko Machko: Yo Yo Honey Singh, singing a Gujarati song? Another attempt to hook the expat crowd, but this time the Gujaratis not the Punjabis. After popular singer Jasbir Jassi’s song Dil le gayi kudi Gujarat di, we think it’s Honey Singh’s Achko machko that’s a hit with the people of the community.

11. Get Up Jawani (feat. Shah): This could pass off as an item song by Bollywood starlet Kashmira Shah, sung by Honey Singh and singer Shah. Featuring fusion beats and royal sets, the song hardly makes sense but works as a fantasy we guess.

12. High Heels – Unchi eddi (Jaz Dhami feat. Yo Yo Honey Singh): The Punjabi song’s tune reminds us of Saif Ali Khan’s early Bollwood number Ole ole (Jab bhi koi ladki dekhoon). Either this was a copy of that, or that was a copy of some other song. Whatever it is, High heels works for its beats and the saxo, which again sound inspired. Moreover, the look of the video also seems inspired from Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend song.