A blood moon or total lunar eclipse is happening this Friday, July 27. At 1 hour 43 minutes of totality, the lunar eclipse will be the longest until the year 2123. On that night, our planet Earth will slip in front of the sun to cast an orange-red shadow on the full moon. From the moon, the Earth would appear to be surrounded by a 25,000-mile-around ring of fire. Many countries won’t be able to see the blood moon. Therefore, NASA, the Weather Channel, TimeAndDate.com, Slooh, and others will broadcast live online footage of the astronomical event.

It’s 2018 and you don’t have to do much without leaving your couch even including eclipse viewing. The astronomy education website Slooh will live-stream coverage of the eclipse starting on July 27.

Here is where you can live stream from:

1. Slooh

Slooh, a company that airs live views of space, plans to broadcast telescope views of the entire lunar eclipse from start to finish. Their YouTube feed should go live tomorrow.

2. TimeAndDate.com

An alternative way to watch most of the lunar eclipse will be Time and Date which will start its live coverage.


Watch Blood Moon eclipse from the surface of the moon in stunning NASA video. NASA has given all the details of past and the future lunar eclipses with eclipse diagrams and visibility maps. Additionally, Javascript Lunar Eclipse Explorer (https://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/JLEX/JLEX-NA.html) can compute the local circumstances for every lunar eclipse visible from a city for any century from -1999 to 3000. The questions such when was the last total lunar eclipse visible from a city and when will be the next eclipse visible from a particular city are answered by this tool.