The world is set to witness the century’s longest lunar eclipse that will turn the moon blood red. According to data on NASA, the event will last for almost four hours. During this time, the moon will be under the complete shadow of the Earth for one hour and forty-three minutes. The next total lunar eclipse will happen on January 21, 2019, and it will last for one hour and two minutes, as per NASA’s data.

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NASA has given all the details of past and the future lunar eclipses with eclipse diagrams and visibility maps. Additionally, Javascript Lunar Eclipse Explorer ( can compute the local circumstances for every lunar eclipse visible from a city for any century from -1999 to 3000. The questions such when was the last total lunar eclipse visible from a city and when will be the next eclipse visible from a particular city are answered by this tool.

How to use Javascript Lunar Eclipse Explorer:

Pick a geographic location and search for all eclipses visible from that spot over several thousand years. One can select the geographical area of choice and get all the information.  The Javascript Lunar Eclipse Explorer was developed by Chris O’Byrne and Fred Espenak.

Visibility from New Delhi

On Saturday, July 28, the total lunar eclipse will begin at 1 am. The entire event will end at 2.43 am.