We all know that the police which should help to protect us from criminals for a variety of reasons ends up harassing the common man. There are three cops visible in the video shared on YouTube. It seems that it all began when the man who was brutally manhandled was at an intersection about to go the wrong way. He hadn’t even committed the felony when the police man with the two traffic police officers went to him.

The arrogant officer keeps asking for the man’s license but he does so as if India is under his rule. Such is his audacity that he twists and holds on to the man’s arm like you would expect a murderer or a terrorist to be handled without any hue and cry. When he asked why he was being assaulted when he hasn’t broken any law, the police man kept repeating the same thing like a stuck vinyl record – to show his license.

Some people even try to reason with the crazily out of hand police man to let the man go but he is busy satisfying his ego. When some people recording the whole incident start making some noise and calling him out do the police men realize that they are being recorded and it could go wrong for them. Assistant Pravin Sawant is the name of man who thinks that the region of Vasai is where he can get away with anything because he has a khakee uniform but he along with Constable Arun Sawant and Constable Dipak Mahadik tried to save face and stopped the non-sense.

The idiocy and arrogance of the assistant police inspector is hat could cost him his job. In an age where smartphones are common and the people of our country are aware of their rights, acting such a way is spoiling the image of the police. Such a video recording vindicates the man of whatever he may have done wrong and gives the sympathy to him because a traffic offence doesn’t attract such treatment from the police.

The video ends prematurely with the crazed police man insisting that the man sit as pillion with one of the traffic constables and go to the police station. We hope that the citizens watch this video and are aware that the police is meant to help us, not harass us. We also hope that the police watches this video and see that the behaviour is clearly of the police is absolutely unacceptable and if the threat of losing their jobs is how they will act the way they should then citizens need to record the arrogance of the police and quash it so that such incidents don’t happen. The video quality is very poor but you can hear and understand the body language to glean what is happening even if you do not understand Marathi.