The country is still dealing with the new traffic rules and vehicle users are trying to search for new ways to not freak out before getting on roads. But, this case from Aligarh is only going to add to your fears.

As per a report by news agency ANI, a man in Aligarh was fined for not wearing a helmet. No, wait before you hear it all. He was charged for not wearing a helmet while ‘driving a car.’

He had his seat belt on and the speed-limit was fine too but when he was issued an e-challan, he was shocked to see that he was charged an amount of Rs 500 for not wearing a helmet inside his car. He got a message that had the details of the challan against the number of his car for not wearing a helmet. But trust Indians to know just the right way to deal with such situations. The man again took his car out and this time, he didn’t forget to wear a helmet.

He went to the traffic police officer driving his car while wearing a helmet. Reportedly, the police have admitted that it was due to a fault in the system that he was issued a wrong challan and the same will be refunded soon. The police also informed that there’s a provision for cancelling a challan if the same has been issued in a wrong situation.

The same had happened in Bengaluru some years back when two people were fined for not following the same ‘traffic rule.’ Be careful, guys!