Pictures of a signboard in Jammu and Kashmir that reads ‘Don’t use a mobile phone while drinking’ has gone viral on social media. The signboard has been put up at Peer Ki Galli on Mughal Road to ensure awareness among drivers. However, you might be thinking about why the word ‘drinking’ has been used. Well, some miscreants changed the word ‘driving’ to ‘drinking’. Soon after the picture of the signboard went viral, Senior Superintendent of Traffic Police has ordered an inquiry against the tarnishing the image of the traffic police department.

In the order enquiry, SSP said that it is the matter of senior concern and required to be enquired thoroughly. The order reads, “In order to identify and fix the responsibility of defaulters, a preliminary enquiry is hereby ordered with immediate effect.”

The tweet also came into the attention of Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah and he tweeted along with the photo of the signboard, “You’ve had the advice to not drink & drive & the advice to not use your mobile phone while driving. Here’s a new piece of advice. (SIC)”

Twitterati did not leave the chance to react hilariously. One user wrote, “This advice is extremely relevant. Drunk-texting is worse than an accident.” While the other tweeted, “Actually, the full stop is significantly placed: ‘Don’t use mobile. Phone while drinking.”

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