Believe it or not, it’s a miracle! A brother and a sister from Adilabad, Telangana are making headlines as they have been able to light up LED electric bulbs just by touching them. Sameer and Sania of Sirsana village in Bhela Mandal have confused many of us by lighting up LED bulbs by a touch.

This bizarre ability of these two children of an agriculturer labourer, Shaik Chand Pasha, has made them celebrities in their town. People from nearby villages have been queuing up outside their house to have a look of the thrilling performance by these two kids.

It all started when Sameer’s father bought an LED bulb and he accidentally touched the leads. The touch made the bulb lit up and that surprised Pasha. He made Sameer do this several times. Curious about the mysterious capabilities, Pasha gave a bulb to his daughter to check if the same is happening with her or not. The light lit up again!

Pasha even tried with his touch but realised that his power capabilities were not as strong as his children.

Take a look at the pictures below:


Sameer lights up a bulb by touching it – PC: YouTube | Telangana Today

The same incident happened last year in Kerala’s Alappuzha district. A nine-year-old boy claims to be able to light an electric bulb just by touching it.

In previous reports of human light bulbs, it has been claimed that a lack of sweat glands can have an impact on the ability to resist shock. However, this has not been confirmed. Moreover, there is no medical or scientific explanation as to why some people are able to light electric bulbs simply by touching, although it has been documented on several occasions.