Primetime journalist Arnab Goswami conducted a debate on his show Newshour to discuss the topic of ‘triple talaq’. With Centre filing an affidavit before the Supreme Court opposing the concept of triple talaq under the light of gender justice, the Times Now editor-in-chief decided to debate the topic by calling a panel comprising of hardline Muslims taking on those seeking reforms. While Arnab sided with the pro-reform side of the panel, he gave a tough time to conservatives who objected the arguments made by the reformists. The triple talaq debate on Friday night showed why an episode of Newshour is the most happening thing on primetime television. Not only did Arnab took the debate to its extremes, but indulged in a heated verbal duel with the conservatives. One of the panelists who ended up on the wrong side was former ACP of Maharashtra police and renowned Mumbai cop Shamsher Khan Pathan. He eventually was ordered by Arnab to leave the show.

At 39th minute of the show, Pathan attempted to tackle the women panelists (seeking reforms) by ridiculing their arguments. As Shazia Ilmi began highlighting the discriminatory nature of the triple talaq law, allowing only women to divorce their husbands and not vice versa, Pathan said, “Let them make talaq with their husbands. Let them start first… Let us see.” His remarks instigated Arnab, who replied, “What do you mean by let us see? Are you creating a joke out of this? You have no business to personally insult the panelists.”

Arnab further demanded Pathan to either apologize or walk out of the show. “You essentially have a basic problem with any woman… You are reducing down to a personal level of attack against the panelists. You should apologize for responding in such a frivolous manner,” Arnab said. Shamsher replied: “You say women should have right to triple talaq, so I said, ‘Let them do it. Let it start from them…” However, Arnab was too agitated by this point and told Shamsher to walk out. “Take out the mic and leave the show,” Arnab said. (ALSO READ: Centre opposes triple talaq, polygamy among Muslims in Supreme Court)

Here is the complete video. The theatrics would begin from the 39th minute and last till the 44th minute, when Shamsher Pathan decides to walk out of the show, throwing the mic on the table. “You be with your program and with your touts who support you. We are on record but you don’t want to listen to us,” Pathan said in rage as he walked out of the live show.