Turkey’s president once again proved that he is the people’s man. Erdogan was crossing Bosphorus bridge linking Europe with Asia when he came across a man who was ready to kill himself by jumping off the bridge. Erodogan on seeing the scene immediately asked his staff to stop the car and save the man

The dramatic scene on the bridge where Erdogan staff asks the man to cross the bridge’s railing looks straight from a movie. However, this video will regain your faith in humanity. Erdogan’s bodyguards, conveyed that the President wanted to talk to him but the middle-aged-man did not look convinced. Then escorts, rolled down the window pane of the President’ car, immediately after which the man agreed to come across.

He then walked sobbing to the President and thanked him. Reportedly the man has been suffering from depression due to some family problems and eventually thought to ending his life. (Also Read: This Croatian man’s pants fell down in the front of first female President)

As per reports, after listening to the man’s grievances, the President agreed to help him. The President talked to the man and dissuaded the man from taking his own life and called some authorities and ensured that the man will be taken care. The man then kisses the President’s hand as a sign of respect.