If everytime you watch Transformers movie and can only think of owning one of those autobos and take on the decepticons, then you would like to know about this group of Turkish engineers, who have made your dream come true. Since, you have been wondering about this in your dreams for long, it might be hard to believe for you. But, you got to know about Letrons, a Turkish company who have turned a swaggy BMW car into a ultra cool Transformer.

The transformers coming out of Letrons workshop aren’t really capable of doing all what you would expect out a Transformer from the movie. But, we say it is a step into the future. These transformers may not run, jump or even fly but, it is one amazing scene to just watch a car transform in the magnificent robot. Letron which started out as a R&D project with 4 engineers and 12 supporting staff made Transformers a reality over a period of 8 months.

source: boredpanda

They tested their first transformer out of the workshop and you would not believe, how cool it is to see a swanky red BMW car turn into ‘The Antimon’ as they like to call this transformer.


Isn’t that awesome?

Letrons have been working on this project for long and they take every small details into consideration. In Robotic mode, car can perform actions like, rotating head upto 120 degrees, moving and flexing fingers. The car also doesn’t move like a regular car and rather it operates on remote control and only when it is in car mode. (ALSO READ: French artist Cyril Rolando creates such surreal fantasy artworks that it will take you into another universe!)

bmw letron

Currently the Turkish company has prepared 4 more transformers. The first transformer took around 8 months in its 100 percent completion.

letrons transformers


Save all your money, they might just show up at a store near you anytime soon. In love with future already! We hope they make BumbleBee transformer next.

Watch the complete transformation here:

source: letrons