After the international outrage on Amazon Forest burning, several measures are being taken to save the lungs of the world that holds 20 per cent of the Earth’s oxygen. In the latest campaign on social media, Twitterati are asking Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to look after the matter and do his bit to protect the largest rainforest in the world from the ghastly fire. Jeff is the richest man in the world and has kept his company’s name on the name of the river that flows through the Amazon rainforest.

People have created a new hashtag to ask Jeff to shift his focus on this international crisis and contribute towards the forest’s protection from the fortune he has created with his company that shares its name with the rainforest. #ActForTheAmazon was created by Twitterati asking Jeff to hear their plea. However, the man hasn’t reacted on the issue so far. Check out some tweets made with the same hashtag:

Amazon has been on fire for the last 20 days. After many prominent personalities all over the world shared the dreadful images of the burning forest on social media, the entire issue got magnified and active media reports started coming in. In India, major Bollywood celebrities have expressed their concern over the fire and have joined hands with the environmentalists to help save the forests.

Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro, who is accused of emboldening farmers to deforest the area for cattle ranching and mining, acted under international pressure on Saturday and deployed armed forces to fight fire in the area. The fire is so devastating that it is visible from the space. NASA earlier released the pictures of the forest being decimated due to the fire, that is being considered ‘man-made’.