Manufacturing company Hindustan Unilever is under fire on social media for the latest commercial advertisement of their tea product named Red Label. The brand is one of the most selling tea products in India, however, its latest ad that is centred around the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi has left some people on Twitter fuming.

The ad shows a Hindu man looking out for a Ganesha idol to take home but he steps back and hesitates before buying it when he comes to know that a Muslim man has created it. Twitterati say the ad promotes Islamophobia and shows Hindus in a bad light. Some also criticise the tea brand for being unreal citing that no Hindu customer would react the way the man in the ad does upon knowing that he’s buying something from a Muslim man. A few also feel that the ad-makers should steer clear away from using religion as their subject in ads. Check out the video here:

Twitterati have started the hashtag #BoycottRedLabel asking the makers to remove the ad from all the streaming platforms and apologise for hurting religious sentiments. Check out  these tweets:

What do you think of the ad?