A woman travelling on a Thomas Cook flight made headlines after she narrated her ordeal about how the airline staff threatened to remove her from the plane if she did not cover up. Emily O’Connor, who was flying from Bham to Tenerife, was wearing a crop top when she boarded the flight. The staff, as per her, embarrassed her in front of other passengers when they demanded she cover herself up.

Emily posted a series of tweets detailing the entire episode that took place on the flight, and while some Twitter users came to her defence, others said that she should have complied with the airline staff. The tweet has, till writing of this story, been retweeted over 10,000 times and got over 31,000 likes. In one of the tweets that she shared, Emily also said that a man got abusive with her and the airline staff did nothing to stop him.

For more on what happened, check out the tweets below:

Most felt that the airline staff had no right to tell her how to dress especially when there was no dress code for the flight, while others were of the opinion that the way she was dressed would inconvenience other passengers.