New Delhi, May 30: After hearing that petrol prices had been slashed, India woke up from its slumber days thinking that it’s ‘acche din’ had returned but sadly the good news didn’t linger even for quite some time as they got to know that then price was reduced by just a single paisa. In sharp contrast to the information passed down by the Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL), the petrol price hadn’t reduced by 60 paise. The IOCL later corrected itself and wrote on its website that the reduction in price was just by 1 paisa. The revision happened twice a day due to some technical glitch on a part of the oil marketing company.

The current price of petrol is at Rs 78.42/litre in Delhi and Rs 86.23/litre in Mumbai while diesel stood at Rs 69.30/litre in Delhi and Rs 73.78/litre in Mumbai. With such a major gaffe, the IOCL as well as the Centre received flak as well as the ire of the people in the form of hilarious tweets.  Twitterati went into a tizzy and started tweeting as to how much money one could save and convert it into Fixed Deposits, make investments and what not.

Here’s looking at some of the tweets. Check them out:

With the classic cut in petrol prices, we wonder what else could one do? How will it affect the mango man? And how can one cope with the rising price.