Two Kashmiri boys were caught playing the Pakistan National Anthem Pak Sar Zameen and their video has gone viral! Well, they were not actually caught but captured on camera playing the national anthem of our warring neighbour. The video of the two young men playing the Pakistan National Anthem on the instruments the santoor and rubaab (which is like the sarod) was posted by the page Culture de Kashmir on Facebook. As soon as it was posted on the social networking site, it was noticed by netizens of both India and Pakistan, and the video has until now got close to 75,000 views (74,969 at last count) and over 2,700 Shares on Facebook!

Hindustan Times reports that the two young musicians from Jammu and Kashmir playing the Pakistan National Anthem are Umar Majeed, who is 18, and Zubair Ahmad, 22. Although we would have liked them to play the Indian National Anthem Jana Gana Mana on their traditional instruments, we do like their instrumental rendition of the national anthem they are playing, even if it is of Pakistan. We can have this view if we look at them as purely musicians playing a tune, and Umar Majeed and Zubair Ahmad do justice to their art. Watch the video here of these two promising musicians of Kashmir that has gone viral, posted with the caption, “This Video Is breaking The Internet… Kashmiri Local Boys Of Srinagar Playing The National Anthem of Pakistan On Santoor N Rabab.. So nyc to hear It… Heart touching…Watch the video here!

Here is a video of Pak Sar Zameen with lyrics. India vs Pakistan T20 match: Amitabh Bachchan sang national anthem incorrectly; filmmaker Ulhas PR lodges complaint!

Do you agree with our opinion of the two Kashmiri boys playing the Pakistan National Anthem? Watch the video and tell us, but don’t decide on the basis of patriotism alone and try and ignore the comments below the video.