Siblings relation is such that they play, fight and get each other into trouble but also seek comfort with each other’s companies but what if we tell you that unborn twins were involved into a tiff inside their mother’s womb? Well, if you are wondering this is just a hypothetical situation and can’t happen ever then you are wrong. In a viral ultrasound video, a pair of unborn twins are seen engaging in boxing inside their mother’s womb. In the video, they can be seen kicking and hitting at each other and we must tell you it is nothing less than adorable.

As per the reports, the video went insanely viral in China and the woman was just four months old when the ultrasound video was being taken. Also, it has been revealed that the foetuses in the video are twin sisters.

The video was taken by the father of the twins who that time had accompanied his wife to the hospital in Yinchuan.

Watch the video here:

The father told the media that it was entertaining to watch his unborn children fighting in the womb. The video was taken last year and till now create a buzz on social media. The video shared by the father received 2.5 million views and thousands of comments. Some of the netizens found the video cute while some claimed that the twins will be taking care of each other after they are born.

However, the two girls have been born healthy now and have been named Cherry and Strawberry.