Uncanny! Asaram Bapu could predict his Tihar jail stint! (Watch video)

Ever wondered why godmen don’t predict the mishaps in their own life. Well, they do have a fair idea of what’s coming their way, we’re sure. ‘Spiritual’ as they are, right? But this uncanny video of rape-accused godman Asaram Bapu will shock you! The man could predict his stint in Tihar Jail – India’s most hard-core prison that is located in Delhi!

You might have to stop yourself from laughing at this video. The godman casually lets out a statement to his followers that he feels he is “going to tour Tihar Jail as well”. It seems the cat was out of the bag too soon! But he at the time thinks he will go to jail for some government scheme of rehabilitation of jail inmates. The man is indeed lodged in Tihar Jail but on charges of a serious crime like rape of a minor.

Although the godman has denied sexual abuse, about Tihar, he had also said to the medi, “I am willing to go to jail with a smiling face. And I think I want to spend some time in Tihar jail. I consider jail as my vaikunth (heaven).”

Watch video here!