Engineering university UTEC from Peru and its ad agency FCM Mayo have come up with an ultimate innovative and eco-friendly billboard that has been converted into an air-purifying tool designed to make amends to the environmental damages by filtering out air pollutants and releasing fresh air in the atmosphere.

This project was done to mitigate the damage caused by the construction of the school’s new campus. The billboard not only promotes the new campus but also claims that students will learn how to do many such innovative things like creating a billboard that filters about 100,000 cubic meters of clean air a day, equivalent to what 1,200 trees would do.

Since the construction industry is booming in Peru, the billboard has been installed in the middle of a construction site communicating about the new campus and also making the air cleaner in five blocks.

This is the most effective effort to solve the problem the school helped create. Engineering and technology indeed has the power to change grave issues!

Watch the video of the first-of-its-kind air-purifying billboard in Peru!