New Delhi: Learning from his political friends in Delhi, an MLA of the opposition RJD in Bihar turned up at the state Assembly wearing a garland of onions on Wednesday. This unique way of reaching the assembly was done by MLA Shiv Chandra Ram in protest against the soaring price of onions across the country and in Bihar especially.

“The rising prices of the onion will deprive the people of their staple food. Onions, which used to come for less than Rs 50 per kg, are now coming at no less than Rs 80 per kg. In fact, I had to purchase these onions for Rs 100 per kg,” Ram was quoted as saying by PTI.

Notably, the prices of onion have once again skyrocketed across the country with vendors selling it at Rs 70 per kg. In some places such as Nagpur and Uttar Pradesh, the price has reached nearly Rs 100 per kg.

MLA Shiv Chandra Ram slammed Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for his promise of setting up of stalls for the purpose of selling the onion at a price as low as Rs 35 per kg and said he is yet to see any stall in the state.

“I have not seen any such stall in the state yet. This is the reason I am going inside the assembly wearing this garland to draw the attention of honorable chief minister to this issue,” he said.

He also hoped that his act of wearing the garland would compel him to take some serious action. “It is my demand that the government provide onions to the poor for Rs 10 per kg,” he further added.

In a similar way, Congress workers in Delhi earlier this month had worn onion garlands as a mark of protest against the state government over the issue of increasing onion prices. These Delhi Congress workers were protesting in front of the state secretariat.