Muzaffarnagar: For many people, pets hold a lot of emotional significance and it can be quite a distressing event in case their beloved pet dies. In a similar case, after a family in Muzaffarnagar lost its pet dog, a mourning ceremony was observed in its memory.

Friends, family and relatives came together for a puja and a meal on Saturday in Almaspur village as a mourning ceremony was held for the family pet dog, Kalu, who had died on January 13.

A hawan was also conducted for Kalu, invitations for which were sent to more than 1000 relatives and friends of the family.

Dr Brahmadutt Saini, who is the owner of Kalu said, “He was not just a dog but a close family member and we are doing all that we would have done for a family member.”

Saini further reminisced how he had found Kalu on the streets 14 years ago and had brought him home.

“I had been suffering from financial crisis at the time when I brought Kalu home. From the day, he entered my house; all the problems seemed to melt away. He was extremely lucky for me and my family,” he said.

Kalu was suffering from age-related ailments was undergoing treatment at a veterinary clinic in Muzaffarnagar for several weeks before he passed away. The Saini family cremated Kalu in the forest in the presence of relatives.