Urban dictionary, that started by Aaron Peckham in 1999, has been used by every youngster to stay up to date with the lingo language that millennials keep using. For those who don’t know, Urban dictionary lists and defines words that we use colloquially. It is basically the spoof of dictionary.com. In the latest turn of events, the Urban dictionary has described India or Hindustan as ‘Rapistan’. Yes, we are not kidding!

It so happened, a Twitter user named Nida Malik asked Urban Dictionary what ‘Rapistan’ meant on Twitter. To that Urban dictionary replied, “Rapistan: an alternative way to say Hindustan or India. The country where girls as young as 1-year-old are raped. A country where cows have more respect and safety than woman.”

However, this is to be noted that Urbandictionary.com is a crowd source website which means that any user is free to define a word. The website is smart enough to quickly capture the word and track its meaning over the span of time. Also, the website allows user to write opinion or description, which is what has happened in this case.

Recently, MIT Technology review report stated that the problem with the website is that very little is known about the users, who are describing the words or giving out opinions.

Last year, Reuters report stated that India is an unsafe country where women face the threat of rape and sexual assault. A similar report by the United Nations stated that 95% of women in India feel unsafe.