Michigan: A 54-year-old man in Michigan has set an example of insane honesty after he returned a large sum of money back to its rightful owners.

It all happened on Christmas when Howard Kirby brought some furniture for $70 and among them was a footstool that just wasn’t feeling right. His doubts were confirmed after Kirby’s daughter-in-law unzipped the cushion and was shocked out of her wits.

Apparently, the previous owner of the stool has stashed $43,170 (Rs 30.6 lakhs) inside it and seemingly forgot about it. The newly discovered money was separated with paper clips and topped with handwritten notes.

After the initial shock wore off, Kirby decided that he won’t keep the money for himself and instead return it to its rightful owner.

“I do what I can to be as much like Christ as I can, and this is the moral thing to do. This is going to help them. I’m so happy for them,” Kirby told the news agency.

According to reports, the footstool was part of a living room set that was given to a Habitat for Humanity outlet by Kim Fauth Newberry and her husband.

The donated furniture belonged to Kim’s grandfather Phillip Fauth, but unfortunately, he died last year, so the money was handed over to her. When Kirby gave Kim the money, she said, ‘this is crazy’.