Since the time Donald Trump took oath as the President of the United States of America in 2017, Trump has always found himself in the midst of controversies. Well, controversies were always a part of Trump’s life, even while he was contesting the elections, but let’s keep that aside for the time being. In the past year, Trump has constantly provided fodder to the trolls. Sometimes through his tweets, sometimes with the remarks he makes at press conferences and sometimes with his policies, Trump almost always ends up offending a vast majority of people not just in America, but across the world. While some never imagined that he would defeat Hilary Clinton to become the President of America, the fact is that Trump is about to complete a year in the White House soon. Tired of his antics, however, Twitterati decided to come up with ways of “fixing” Trump, and the results, as always, are hilarious.

US President Donald Trump Refutes Use of Slur For African Countries

US President Donald Trump Refutes Use of Slur For African Countries

While the list of Trump’s run-ins with the Twitterati is too long, here are some of the recent examples where he upset many. From challenging North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un by saying he has a “bigger” nuclear button on his desk to calling African nations “shithole” countries, 2018 has already witnessed many instances of Trump giving an opportunity to Twitterati to slam him. He also tweeted that he is one of the smartest people around and is a “stable genius”. This was in response to Michael Wolff’s new book,  ‘Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House’, that raised doubts over Trump’s mental health. He also called off his London trip after blaming former US President Barack Obama.

His antics have irked the Twitterati throughout 2017 and continues to irritate them in 2018. Which is why the Tweeple decided to “fix him” and came up with ways to do that in 5 words. The brainstorming session was in a bid to make the world a “better place to live in” said many users. Some said they could fix him by “teaching him the national anthem”, some said “stop giving him any attention”, while some said he could be fixed simply “by deleting his Twitter account”. Some were less optimistic and said that he could never really be fixed.

Here is how the Twitterati want to #FixTrumpIn5Words:

Some suggested action:

Some miss Obama:

Disney Robot the solution?

Some didn’t have a hope:

No fixing:

As simple as that?

Shutting his Twitter account was a popular suggestion:

Many said this:

And some just didn’t know where to start:

In 2017 too, Donald Trump has often been criticised by the Twitterati. Be it his immigration policies, calling CNN “fake news” or simply the way he fed fish and preferred to stick to an “all-American” diet during his 5-nation tour of Asia, Trump somehow manages to always upset people across the globe. His attitude towards women also displeased many and was strongly criticised by many. In fact, Trump and his antics have been one of the most discussed issue on the Saturday Night Live circuit throughout 2017. The hope was that 2018 would have a different story to tell, but the start of the year hasn’t been too encouraging. Which is why the Twitterati decided to come up with ways to fix him! Now whether he needs to be fixed or not, and whether any of these ways work or not, the #FixTrumpIn5Words sure provided a lot of entertainment. And we are glad about that!