Nevada: A woman in the United States received the shock of her life when she received a hefty medical bill for a seemingly normal medical procedure. At first, she thought she received a wrong hospital bill, but turned out it was true.

The hospital charged her nearly $3,000 (Rs 2.13 lakh) after a doctor removed a plastic toy stuck in her daughter’s nose.

Katy had to rush to St Rose Dominican Siena Campus in Henderson, Nevada after her 3-year-old daughter Lucy Branson stuck two plastic doll shoes in her nose, each in one nostril. She was able to take out one shoe, however the other one was still stuck.

When she reached the hospital, the doctor who was present at the emergency used a tweezer-like tool and it just took him seconds to take out the plastic shoe out of the girl’s nose. Though she was relieved about her daughter’s condition, she was not prepared for the massive bill of $2,600 which she received in her mail.

“I thought it was wrong, I just thought for sure it was wrong and that maybe the insurance hadn’t calculated the rates correctly, the contracted rate, or the hospital had billed me at the wrong rate,” Katy told KTNV-TV.

However, it wasn’t a wrong bill. Katy then negotiated with the hospital and was able to get her bill slashed to $1,700 which is around Rs 1.21 lakh.

The rising healthcare costs in developed countries have left citizens high and dry, with people protesting against inflated medical bills and demanding affordable healthcare.