There is no denying to the fact that traffic is insanely increasing around the world and no one likes to stuck in the jam specially if you are traveling to a destination where you cannot afford to get late. However app-based cabs are also are of no relief with high rates and surge pricing during peak hours. In an interesting turn of events and leaving many by surprise, a US woman was looking to book a cab to the JFK International Airport but instead found another option cheaper than a normal uber ride. It was not an Uber pool or Uber X or even Uber premium, it was a helicopter ride. Yes, you heard us absolutely right! A Helicopter!

Her Uber app showed the cheapest ride compared to the on-road options was a helicopter. She took to the micro-blogging site, Twitter to share the screenshot and netizens went crazy. Sharing the image, she wrote, “Why is the Uber helicopter the cheapest option.”

Check it out here:

One Twitter user wrote, “Me going home from work in my Uber helicopter.” Another commented, “You have to fly it yourself.”

Some even asked if she took the ride. One user wrote, “Did you take the helicopter?”

Another tweeted, “Where do they even pick you up? You cannot just land a helicopter wherever you want.”

Check out the reactions here:

The tweet has gone viral on social media and fetched 146 K retweets and 154 K likes so far. It is also flooded with hilarious memes and some even asked if Uber has fetched out that option in US.

Do let us know what do you think of this Uber helicopter!