Well we do know that certain states and regions in India are troubled by monkeys like nothing else. These animals are a perfect menace. They have mastered the art of disrupting human life with their actions. They enter homes and throw things about, eat food and even open boxes and cupboards and steal food, clothes, etc. They trouble tourists by stealing their items, don’;t let them walk about and at times, even pounce on innocent walkers and tourists, scaring them out of their wits! generally a permanent presence in hilly terrains, monkeys are very much a part and parcel of the country and trouble-makers to no end.

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But then, the problem is especially grave in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand is an extremely popular state with tourists – both of the young an old kind as while the region abounds in holy shrines calling out to all pilgrims, it is also the perfect landscape and terrain for adventure sports and hosts many adrenaline pumping events, inviting all the youngsters and adventure lovers to the region. It is also stunningly beautiful but the monkeys who create havoc in the region mar the experience of tourists. Not only do they follow the tourists on foot and snatch their belongings but they even chase cars and 2-wheelers and have resulted in a number of accidents! They also abound near the temples stealing the food, money and other offerings from the shrines and even scare devotees away.

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The government of the state has often been on monkey-catching drives, especially in times of high tourists during the festive seasons. In 2010, when monkeys ravaged the Mansa Devi site, the authorities went into a tizzy. They also abound in the forests of Uttarakhand and many times, are responsible for explorers getting lost, hurt, etc in the region due to their antics. When on a trek it can get pretty terrible to encounter a monkey who refuses to let go of your backpack! They even chew up plants and spoil the wares of vendors who have to take double the amount of precautions against these miscreants.

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The new pill that is being developed for the monkeys will be fed to the monkeys by mixing it in their food. The pill, once eaten, will be effective for 1 year post which, it will have to re-administered. The pill will be given to the monkeys once every 6 months and the monkeys who have taken the pill will be marked or will be kept a track of by their behaviour. They will be constasntly be fed the pills at regular intervals to ensure that there is not too many of monkeys breeding. The Porcine zona pellucida (PZP) (name of the pill) will be administered by the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) and will be administered for a period of minimum 4 years.

Well, quite the monkey business! What do you think? Funny or cool?